Are the earrings heavy? 
They are made from lightweight glass beads; most pairs weigh less than a coin.

Do the earrings need special treatment? How do I store them?
Fringe earrings should be stored hanging or lying flat, away from direct sunlight, humidity, and extreme temperatures. Other than that, let them dance in your ears as much as you want!

Do you take custom orders? 
Custom orders are always open. Please send me email with what you're interested in having made!

When do you post new products?
Sometimes it will be when I finish them, but other times I will wait until I finish a collection to post them. Follow me on Instagram to stay updated on new products!

Will you remake these?
Most of the time, yes. I spend a long time creating designs and enjoy experimenting with different colorways. Occasionally, however, some work is one of a kind.

Can I use your patterns?
The PDFs for sale, yes. Copying my finished jewelry? No. My designs take hours of labor to create and prototype, and they belong to me. Even if it is not your intention, replicating my work without permission is stealing. This includes taking it for "personal use." That is still theft; my art is not for recreation. I encourage you to either create your own designs---you never know what only you can create!---or purchase my PDFs.